Thank you!

We are taking a few minutes away from the build table today to tell everyone thank you.  The support, encouragement, and understanding we have gotten from the Reo community over the last week has been simply unbelievable.  You are all a fantastic bunch of people and we are going to miss the daily interactions with everyone.

We still have a few more weeks of sales going on to clean out the warehouse and, in the process have discovered a few “lost” (actually misplaced by Eric, but that’s a different story . . .) items that haven’t been on the website for a while.  We still have just under a dozen of the slotted goldvein doors available.  Along with them, the P67 PEEK inserts are back.  Finally, we have quite a few more of the Mini 2.1’s and Reomizers than we realized, so we are slashing the prices on them even further.

We will continue to keep everyone updated as we get closer to wrapping up.  In the meantime, keep being Awesome!


Eric and Cindy

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