Standard Reo Grand

You have chosen to build one of our Standard REO Grands. This type of Grand is the original, and has a deeper well than the newer models. Due to the deep well most large RBAs won't fit this model, making it perfect for cartomizers and disposable atomizers.

The Standard REO Grand is milled out of a solid block of aluminium. Which means, you are getting one of the most durable mods on the market. REO Grands can take a serious beating, and keep on vaping. This will be the last mod you'll ever have to buy!

Now that you have chosen a model it's time to Scroll down and choose your favorite color, you will then move onto selecting the perfect door for your Standard REO Grand.


The Standard REO Grand is the grand for REOnauts who want that classic REOSmods feel. Like all of our mods, it is a nearly indestructible mod that can take a serious beating. This is because of its durable body that is milled out of a solid block of aluminum. Another great feature of the Standard REO Grand is that it is 100% mechanical. Which means there are no wires or electronics inside the mod, so cleaning the mod is as simple as running it under the tap.

The Standard REO Grand only comes in 3 colors: Brilliant Purple, Orange, and Kawasaki Green. This is because it’s one of our older models, and is actually being discontinued. If you are a fan of the classic REO feel, don’t let this discourage you we still have plenty in stock, and will continue to sell them until we run out.

The Standard Grand is compatible with cartomizers, disposable atomizers, and some of the small rebuildable atomizers. Large atomizers will not fit into the Standard Grand juice well, because of how deep it is. If you must have a rebuildable atomizer, the best one for the Standard REO Grand is the NoFear RBA by NoName Mods. If you prefer to use large rebuildable atomizers, the REO Grand LP is more suitable for you.

Included With Your Standard REO Grand

The Standard REO Grand comes equipped with everything you’ll need for the complete REOSmods vaping experience:

  • One Standard REO Grand body in your choice of color
  • One door in your choice of color and style
  • Two 6ml bottles to hold your choice of e-liquid
  • An allen key to adjust the center post
  • A full set of instructions on maintenance and upkeep
  • Cell phone sized stickers so you can easily rep your favorite mod

Batteries, e-juice, chargers, drip tips and atomizers/cartomizers are not included.

Additional information

Weight1.01 lbs
Dimensions3.75 × 1.75 × 1 in


Height: 94.5mm (3.72”)

Width: 44.4mm (1.75”)

Depth: 24.4mm (0.96”)

Weight: 3.8oz

Battery: AW IMR 18650 3.7v