Build Your Grand LP/SL

The Reo Grand LP has the same basic design and functionality as the standard Grand. It is a personal vaporizer milled out of block aluminum. It is 100% mechanical, meaning there are no wires. The benefit is a nearly indestructible unit that can take a beating, and even a washing too (although it’s not recommended).

The Grand LP comes in two different body styles – solid body and SL body (aka slotted or superlight)

The Grand LP is equipped with a 6ml bottle on board to hold your e-juice. An extra bottle is included. Batteries, e-juice, charges, drip tips and atomizers/cartomizers are not included.

The Grand LP differs from the standard Grand in its compatibility with rebuildable atomizers. The added perk of using a Grand LP is that large rebuildable atomizers fit in the juice well. Cartomizers and disposable atomizers still work with the Grand LP.





Height: 91.9mm (3.62”)

Width:  44.4mm (1.75”)

Depth: 24.4mm (0.96”)

Weight: 3.7oz / 3.1oz SL

Battery: AW IMR 18650 3.7v

Additional information

Weight1.01 lbs
Dimensions3.5 x 1.75 x 1 in