Build A REO Grand LP/SL

This is the REO Grand LP/SL, or as we like to call it the Slotted REO Grand LP. The Slotted Grand LP is exactly the same as a regular LP. Meaning you'll get the same high quality vaping experience that you've come to expect from REOSmods. The only difference is the slotted holes, which make the mods a lot lighter and more portable.

Like all of our other mods this one is milled out of a block of aluminium. The Slotted REO Grand LP is very durable but the slots make it less durable than our solid body mods. It can still take a pretty heavy drop, but I wouldn’t run it over with my car anytime soon.

If this is the mod that fits your personality the best then scroll down and choose your favorite color. After choosing the color you will move onto choosing a matching door for your mod.


The Reo Grand LP has the same basic design and functionality as the standard Grand. It is a personal vaporizer milled out of block aluminum. It is 100% mechanical, meaning there are no wires. The benefit is a nearly indestructible unit that can take a beating, and even a washing too (although it’s not recommended).

The Grand LP comes in two different body styles – solid body and SL body (aka slotted or superlight)

The Grand LP is equipped with a 6ml bottle on board to hold your e-juice. An extra bottle is included. Batteries, e-juice, charges, drip tips and atomizers/cartomizers are not included.

The Grand LP differs from the standard Grand in its compatibility with rebuildable atomizers. The added perk of using a Grand LP is that large rebuildable atomizers fit in the juice well. Cartomizers and disposable atomizers still work with the Grand LP.


Additional information

Weight1.01 lbs
Dimensions3.5 x 1.75 x 1 in