Build A Mini 2.1 LP/SL

The Reo Mini 2.1 LP is a small personal vaporizer milled out of block aluminum. Like all Reo’s mods, it is 100% mechanical. Due to its smaller size, the Mini 2.1 is perfect for someone wanting a compact mod without compromising battery life. Rounded back corners add to the comfort and style of the Mini 2.1 LP, allowing it to fit perfectly in your hand or pocket.

The Mini 2.1 LP comes in two different body styles – solid body and SL body (aka slotted or superlight)

The Mini 2.1 LP is equipped with a 3ml bottle on board to hold your e-juice. An extra bottle is included. Batteries, e-juice, charges, drip tips and atomizers/cartomizers are not included.

The Mini 2.1 LP differs from the standard Mini 2.1 in its compatibility with rebuildable atomizers. The added perk of using a Mini 2.1 LP is that larger rebuildable atomizers fit in the juice well. Cartomizers and disposable atomizers still work with the Mini 2.1 LP.




Height: 77.4mm (3.05”)

Width:  39.23mm (1.54”)

Depth:  24.21mm (0.95”)

Weight: 3.1oz / 2.6oz SL

Battery: AW IMR 18490 3.7v

Additional information

Weight1.01 lbs
Dimensions3 x 1.5 x 1 in