Build a Mod From Scratch

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Customization is what REOSmods is all about.  There is nothing better than being able to customize every aspect of your vaping experience.  Which is why our Build a Mod from Scratch section allows you to completely customize your REOSmods experience from beginning to end.  You’ll start by selecting which model of REOSmods best fits your personality, after that you’ll choose your favorite color, and you’ll finish it off by selecting the perfect door.  Then, it’s up to you to explore the site and add any RDAs or accessories that you might need.

The first step, on your journey to become a REOnaut, is to select the style of mod that you want. We have 8 different models to choose from, each offering the same REOSmods experience with slight differences to tailor to your specific needs.  Take a look below and decide which model best suits your needs.

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