Anatomy of a REO Grand Infographic

As you have probably seen, if you follow us on social media, REOSmods has been trying to step up its social media game in an effort to grow our community of REOnauts. So we are asking all the die hard REOnauts to help us with this movement. The more people we have on board the better because it will help us to bring new and better products to the community.

What I’ve done to help start this movement, is put together this infographic to help all the new comers familiarize themselves with our mods. It is a pretty bare bones description of what to expect when you open the door on your new REOSmods squonk box. The graphic talks about everything from the type of battery that should be used, all the way up to the drip tip that is best for your REOSmod.

As I said earlier, I am mainly looking for new REOnauts, so if you are new around here you should check out our amazing squonk mods, they are extremely durable and high quality. At the same time I am not trying to blow off our existing REOnauts. If you are already a die hard REOnaut, then do us a favor and spread this infographic far and wide so we can get more people like you to join our community!!

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