REOSmods was founded on the idea of helping people quit smoking and switch to vaping, a healthier alternative. These mods were designed to meet three main criteria:

  1. Be able to go all day on one battery
  2. Be able to change out juice without making a huge mess
  3. Be virtually indestructible

REOSmods was started in 2009 by Robert E O’Neil, the namesake of REOs. Robert was not satisfied with current e-cigarettes on the market and decided he could “build a better mousetrap” as the saying goes. After building a few mods for himself and friends in his basement in Maine, word quickly spread and REOSmods was born. Robert increased production as demand grew, eventually moving assembly out the basement and into a workshop surrounded by porcupines.

After years of hard work, Robert decided to retire and pass on his legacy. In May 2017, he sold the business to the Parlin family, consisting of Eric and his wife Cindy, their daughter Elizabeth, and Eric’s father Daryl. Together they brought a multitude of talents to the business. They have ample experience working in both manufacturing and customer service. In addition to continuing the legacy Robert build, the Parlin family aims to modernize operations and focus on innovation. Although there are no porcupines roaming around the new warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the exemplary quality of REOSmods stays the same.

Our mission is to combine style, function, and quality to produce the best mod possible. We believe in hard work, consistency, and excellent customer service. REOSmods is more than just a business – it’s a community. Welcome to the vape family.