Welcome to Reo’s Mods: a high quality solution to the e-cigarette.

Are you a regular e-cigarette user?

Still carry bottles of juice, napkins, batteries and all the other stuff you need?

Love the idea but fed up with all the fuss?

Now you have more options.

Here you will find a selection of fabulous personal vaporizers that carry rechargeable batteries and juice bottles on board.  No more topping off cartomizers, no more dripping and no more carrying around charging cords. The variety of materials and sizes available make these ideal for nearly every vaping lifestyle.

There are several lines of REOs:

The aluminum: The REO 18650 (Grand), and new REO mini 2.1 all of which are 100% mechanical, this means no wires.

The wood: REO Woodvil 18650, REO Woodvil 18490 . The Woodvils are only available on a limited basis.  Watch the updates for future availability.


Click on the specific mod tabs above to learn more about each model.

All of these come with a native 510/306 atomizer connection.  So you can effectively use all 510 & 306 atomizers  cartomizers and rebuildable atomizers on these devices.  Once you have your REO set up with battery, juice and atomizer, you simply squeeze the on board bottle to deliver juice to the atomizer and vape away.  No more dripping.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

These devices are not sold with batteries and chargers.

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